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One hearing aid doesn't quite fit everyone, so at Sounds Good you have the choice to choose which style is right for you. With my knowledge and expertise, I am sure I can can find the right size, style and price to get you hearing well. Hearing aids come in two basic types: Customs and BTE (behind the ear).


Customs are molded plastic pieces specifically designed for your ear. They come in four basic sizes.

Standard or Full Shell
Typically, a device that fills the whole ear. Takes a large battery and mostly found in nursing homes.

Half Shell
Only fills half the ear. Has a few controls on it and takes an average size battery.

Canal or In-The-Canal
Approximately the size of a dime, takes a small battery, fits most hearing losses and is just slightly visible to the eye.

Completely in the Canal (CIC)
Typically the smallest, takes the smallest battery and is nearly invisible, but can be hard to handle.

BTE (Behind The Ear)

These devices come in a variety of styles. Typically, these are hung over the ear, then coupled with a tube or wire, then connected to a piece that goes into the ear.

Standard BTE
Traditional style, full size device, takes a larger battery and fits more severe losses commonly seen in nursing homes.

Mini or Micro BTE
A small device, trendy and colorful and fits mild to moderate hearing losses.

Similar in size and features to the micro but coupled with an insulated wire, can have "Bluetooth" capabilities, and fits most hearing losses, but can be slightly fragile.

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***Many of these styles mentioned above have advantages and disadvantages. Some are waterproof, some are wireless, some are more rugged than others and some last longer. One thing to keep in mind: Generally speaking, the hearing aid type, size or style should not cost more; the technology you are purchasing will.